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I would like to thank everyone at Eden Steam Showers. I love the steam shower it's amazing, I use it every day

Peter Andre

  • “The shower is fantastic and our builder is recommending it to other people with your website details.”

    David Denbigshire – North Wales

  • “Absolutely great, will be using you again in future.”

    Gilian & Craig – Isle of Skye

  • “Excellent product, price and service.”

    Roger – Isleworth, Middlesex

  • “Good and friendly service from all of your staff.”

    Roy – Ecclesechan, Dumbriesshire

  • “many thanks for your excellent communication, nothing was too much trouble. Buying this shower made parting with £1000 almost painless!!”

    Derek – Hinckley, leicestershire

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Why Choose Us

There are a great many shower cabins available on the market today from a host of different suppliers.

We truly believe that we offer our customers the best products and service at very competitive prices and have outlined below what we believe makes our products and service so special.

We would love for you to put us to the test.

In these difficult financial times, it is always important to choose a supplier that has the resources and infrastructure in place to support their products and honour their commitments to their customers. Eden Steam Showers was founded in 2003 as a specialist shower cabin retailer. We don’t just sell shower cabins online but operate from our own outlet in Chobham Surrey. We display our showers at our showroom or at our nearby concession site and remain available to support our customers.

We are proud to show off our models and welcome viewings as we understand that it is the only way for our customers to fully appreciate the quality of our products.

Reliable Supplier

It’s not uncommon for some companies to advertise a huge range of showers online but hold little or no stock or spares. Ever changing product lines can often leave the customer with little or no after sales support. Websites with no readily accessible contact details or telephone numbers should be an immediate red flag.

We supply a range of high-quality showers as featured in our brochure and on our web site and endeavour to always keep these units in stock. By specializing in this way, we can support the whole of our range and can provide our customers with an excellent after-sales service. All our own design Frog models and spares are held at our own warehouse facility in Bisley, Surrey. We also sell some carefully selected showers from other long established specialist suppliers that complement our range.

Spin and Sales

The shower cabin market is awash with suppliers offering never ending sales and misleading guarantees and gimmicks that often prove meaningless upon closer inspection of the small print.

We only offer fixed, transparent pricing and a straight-forward honest and professional service. We only have sales to balance stock, and these only apply to specific models for a strictly limited time only. We offer a simple parts warranty on all our own brand cabins and infrastructure in place to fully support our commitments to our customers.


All our Frog showers are sent out on dedicated vehicles to minimise the risk of damage. In all cases we offer free or heavily subsidised delivery and will always arrange delivery around dates and times that suit our customers’ requirements.

Also, as we manage our own storage facility, we can store items on behalf of our customer’s and dispatch them as required.

Why our Products?

Branded Shower Cabins

There are numerous shower cabins on the market and some brands will be widely visible across the internet as they are sold on numerous third-party web sites.  Due to the need to also give the retailer a profit margin these models will inevitably offer poor value for money compared to those purchased direct from source. They are often built to look good value in pictures with lots of features but can have very poor build quality and design.

We sell our own brand Frog cabins and a few specially selected models from other long-established suppliers direct to the public. All our Frog cabins are built to our own exacting specifications and our own innovative designs drawing upon over 20 years of experience in the UK marketplace.

Installation and Service

Many cabins are designed with no thought to practicality of installation, leak protection, cleaning or maintenance.

All our Frog cabins have removable skirt panels allowing access to the trap, making it easier to level and check pipework. The trays all have a lip or upstand around the circumference to protect against leaks. The doors are quick release, and the glass is treated to prevent scale. All the electrical components on our steam models are connected via multiplugs making the replacement of parts much easier than is the case on most other brands. The thermostats on all our Larvik and Oslo models can be removed and replaced from inside the cabin


Quality of build is not so evident in pictures, which is why so many internet only retailers can offer steam showers and shower cabins at such low prices. These units can look good in the pictures but are often very flimsy and unstable. Build quality is critical for free standing shower cabins and is the main difference between our cabins and cheaper models on sale elsewhere.


All our Frog Larvik and Oslo models are constructed with substantial, heavy gauge, high quality, corrosion resistant anodised aluminium frames for superb stability and longevity. Many models on the market are built with cheap lacquered or painted aluminium alloys that corrode as soon as the surface is compromised.


All our shower trays are heavily re-enforced and extremely sturdy. A weak tray will cost a fraction of the price of ours to produce and yet will look the same in pictures. Our cabins have been installed in army bases, football clubs, oil rigs and numerous other places where they are subjected to continual multi-person use. We have never known one to break.


Many cabins on the market require the liberal use of silicone sealer. Often silicone is required to re-enforce poor build quality. The inside of a self-contained cabin such as a steam shower is the worst possible place to use silicone as inevitably this silicone will deteriorate, dis-colour and can harbour moulds and fungal growths.

All our models are sturdy enough to not require any silicone for structural support and stability.  Some designs are silicone free, and some require a minimal amount of sealant on the exterior, but none require the application of silicone inside the cabin.

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