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I would like to thank everyone at Eden Steam Showers. I love the steam shower it's amazing, I use it every day

Peter Andre

  • “The shower is fantastic and our builder is recommending it to other people with your website details.”

    David Denbigshire – North Wales

  • “Absolutely great, will be using you again in future.”

    Gilian & Craig – Isle of Skye

  • “Excellent product, price and service.”

    Roger – Isleworth, Middlesex

  • “Good and friendly service from all of your staff.”

    Roy – Ecclesechan, Dumbriesshire

  • “many thanks for your excellent communication, nothing was too much trouble. Buying this shower made parting with £1000 almost painless!!”

    Derek – Hinckley, leicestershire

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Questions about us and our service

How long have Eden Steam Showers been in business?

Eden Steam Showers have been supplying quality branded steam showers and shower pods since 2003.

Do you provide a brochure for your products?

Yes, we do, just give us a call or email and we will post a copy to you.

Why are your steam showers and shower pods more expensive than some we have seen?

There are many ways to cut costs when manufacturing a complex product such as a shower cabin. To put it simply ours can cost more because the quality is better, and we pay much more for them. For more on this see our, Shower Cabin Buying Guide.

Can I view your products prior to ordering?

Yes, we always recommend viewings whenever possible and most of our products are on display and available for viewing at our premises in Chobham or at one of our concession areas.

Are your products kept in stock?

We try to keep our entire stock range available for delivery. If they are not in stock, then they would normally be on order.

Can I order over the telephone?

Yes, we accept all major debit and credit cards.

If I order do I have to take delivery straight away?

No, you are most welcome to reserve a shower with a deposit and we can store it for you and dispatch it as required.

Do you have special offers or sales due?

No, we only have sales to balance stock, and these only apply to specific models for a strictly limited time only. We only offer fixed transparent prices with no misleading sale prices or gimmicks. We supply all our brand showers direct from the manufacturer at the lowest possible prices all year round.

Are the price’s quoted inclusive?

Yes, all our prices include VAT, and all our products are supplied with all you need to connect to your prepared services, there are no hidden extras.

Do you provide a warranty?

All our brand products are covered by a minimum 2-year parts warranty, our Larvik and Oslo cabins are covered by a 5-year part warranty.

Do you supply and stock spare parts?

Yes, we fully support all our products and keep most spare parts in stock. If for any reason the part, you require is not held by us we will obtain it from the manufacturer on your behalf.

Questions about delivery

How much will delivery to the Highlands of Scotland cost?

This really depends upon the size of the product and the distance involved although we will always subsidise the cost of delivery. Just give us a call for a quote.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Very rarely unlike often inferior more sectional models our showers do not break down into small enough pieces to fit on to pallets. A pallet is the only relatively safe way to send a fragile glass item through a hub courier on a next day service.

How long will I have to wait for delivery?

It does depend on the distance but if the item is in stock we should be able to have it delivered to you within a few days. If it’s not in stock we will advise you of the delivery time before we take the order. We only use dedicated vehicles for our deliveries, so our showers are sent direct from us to our customers. This can take a little longer to arrange but is much safer and offers a much better service.

Will it fit through my doorway?

Yes, all our showers come in sections that will fit through standard doorways and can be assembled on site.

Do you deliver overseas, including to Ireland?

We don’t deliver directly to Ireland and the EU, but we are happy to deliver to almost any third-party forwarder on the UK mainland.

Questions about installation

(Please also see pre-installation guides available on individual product pages)

Do your steam showers require additional ventilation?

No, they do not require any more ventilation than a conventional shower. Simply turning the shower on after use will condense the steam so it does not need to be extracted after use.

Do your products work with a Combi boiler?

Yes, Combi boilers and pressurised systems are ideally suited for use with all our cabins and steam showers.

Will your shower pods work with a gravity water system?

Yes, they will but you will need to also install a pump to increase the water pressure. We would recommend a 2 to 3 bar pump for Monsoon models and at least 1 bar for Larvik Standard and Oslo models.

What pressure water supply do your steam showers require?

As an average we recommend minimum of 1.5-bar water pressure on both the hot and cold supply. However, we would recommend that a 2 or 3 bar pump is used in conjunction with a gravity or vented system.

Do your pods and steam showers heat the shower water?

No, each shower requires a hot and cold supply which is connected via two braided flexible pipes that are connected to the mixer tap at the rear of the cabin. We can however supply a range of steam showers and shower cabin to which you can fit an electric shower, just ask for details.

What kind of electrical supply do the steam showers require?

All our steam rooms are fitted with a 3 KW steam generator as standard. With the lights and radio, you will require a 3 KW rated supply to run the unit.

How do they connect to the electrical supply?

Each unit has a cable attached to the back of the main computer and is fitted with an RCD.

How do your showers connect to the water supply?

Through two reinforced pre-fitted flexible 15 mm hot and cold supply pipes.

Is a trap and waste pipe supplied?

Yes, all our Frog shower cabins are pre-fitted with a trap and a flexible waste pipe.

How much space do I need to install a freestanding shower?

You need enough room to allow access around and above the unit in order to assemble it. Once assembled can be connected and pushed back into position. We would also recommend that it is not completely blocked in so it can be drawn forward should this ever be necessary for maintenance.

Do I have to build it on top of a platform?

No, the shallow trap and strainer provided with the unit will allow it to drain if connected to a fixed waste pipe at ground level or lower.

Do your Frog steam showers and shower pods require fixing to the wall?

No, all our steam and shower pods are sturdy, self-contained freestanding units that can be assembled, connected and then moved into position against a wall.

Do I need to tile or prepare the wall behind the unit?

No, our steam rooms and shower pods are backed by obscured glass panels that conceals the wall behind.

Can I fit a steam shower if I have limited ceiling clearance?

We do offer models that can be built with very little or no clearance although this does require a different approach to the build and will depend on specific site conditions. Just call us to discuss your requirements.

Do your steam showers and shower pods come with a shower pump?

Steam showers and shower pods generally do not include a standard pump as the need for a pump or the type of pump required will depend entirely on the configuration and specifications of your water and heating system.

Can I install your products myself?

It is not difficult to assemble our cabins and the connections are very straightforward although we do recommend that you employ a professional tradesman. However, it is essential that all connections to the electricity supply should only be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Do you provide a helpline?

Yes, we are always happy to provide any assistance we can during assembly, just give us a call.

Do you provide a fitting service?

No, we don’t fit them ourselves but dependent on where you live, we may be able to put you in touch with someone to fit it for you.

Do they come with instructions?

Yes, all our products come with installation and usage instructions.

Questions about operation

How frequently can I take a steam?

Every day if you desire steam bathing has numerous health benefits, just see our steam benefits section via the link below.

Is breathing in the steam difficult?

No on the contrary steam eases respiration.

What is the correct temperature for steam bathing?

Between 40° and 45° C

If you have any further questions or require anymore information, give us a call on 01276 856240

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