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I would like to thank everyone at Eden Steam Showers. I love the steam shower it's amazing, I use it every day

Peter Andre

  • “The shower is fantastic and our builder is recommending it to other people with your website details.”

    David Denbigshire – North Wales

  • “Absolutely great, will be using you again in future.”

    Gilian & Craig – Isle of Skye

  • “Excellent product, price and service.”

    Roger – Isleworth, Middlesex

  • “Good and friendly service from all of your staff.”

    Roy – Ecclesechan, Dumbriesshire

  • “many thanks for your excellent communication, nothing was too much trouble. Buying this shower made parting with £1000 almost painless!!”

    Derek – Hinckley, leicestershire

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What are steam showers


The history of the steam room goes back thousands of years. It was popular with the ancient Greeks and was subsequently adopted by the Romans which they called the “Sudatorium” in latin. For centuries, thousands of people have been using steam to enhance their sense of well being and also take advantage of the many health benefits steam can offer. See Steam Benefits.

The New Steam Age

Steam shower rooms have become increasing popular over the last few years. A good quality modern steam shower can be a great addition to your bathroom and not only provides a relaxing retreat to enjoy regular steam treatments but also a practical and multifunctional shower facility.


A steam shower provides you with the normal everyday showering functions of a regular shower and also a self contained enclosure in which steam is produced from an integrated steam generator. The Shower is completely mechanical and conventional and works independently from the electrical/steam circuit. So while it’s nice to listen to the radio etc. while showering you don’t have to turn on any of the electrical features in order to use the shower.

The electrical circuit also incorporates a steam generator that is controlled by either the remote control or the control panel inside the cabin. To operate it you simply turn on the steam function and set the required temperature and time for your steam session. The steam generator will then fill the cabin with heated water vapour. The temperature is monitored and maintained by the computer via a thermostat inside the cabin. When your steam session is finished an automatic valve will open and drain the water from the steam generator.

Our Steam Showers

Our steam showers are very practical free standing silicone free enclosures and can range in size to accommodate one or more people. Fitting is fairly straightforward, the units are all equipped with flexible pipes and once assembled can be connected to your services and pushed back into position. Our Frog steam showers can offer all the functionalities of a commercial steam room, if not more, all within the comfort of your own bathroom. Our steam cabins come with a range of additional extras to enhance your showering and steam experience including body massage jets, foot massager, rainfall shower head an a radio.

Steam shower Installation Requirements

There are several things to bear in mind when choosing to install a steam shower room.First you will need to remember that any shower with body jets and a large shower head will require adequate water pressure to operate effectively. All of our steam showers will work fine with a Combi boiler as long the water pressure is in excess of 1.5 bar on the hot and cold supply. For gravity fed systems we recommend the use of a 3 bar pump although the exact type of pump will depend on the configuration of your water system.

Since steam cabins are freestanding rooms you will also need to ensure that you have adequate space all around and above the unit in order to assemble it. Steam showers tend to be fairly tall as there has to be enough room when inside the cabin to give enough clearance between the top of your head and the overhead shower rose in the ceiling. We also recommend that once the unit is pushed back into position you do not block it in by fitting other appliances in front that would restrict movement. We suggest you leave enough space to allow you to slide it forward to access the main control column that houses the electrical circuit and steam generator should this ever be necessary for maintenance.

For further information on fitting see our Delivery and Pre-Installation guides on the individual product pages.

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