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Shower Columns

Our multifunction shower columns can instantly put the fun back into shower time and are guaranteed to give an invigorating all over shower experience. Our units are all fitted with a large rainfall showerhead, body jets and an adjustable hand held shower. They simply connect to your water supply through two hot and cold 15 mm flexible pipes that are supplied pre-fitted to the unit. As with any product of this nature that features multiple water outlets you will need to provide it with adequate water pressure. In most cases additional water pressure can be obtained through the use of a shower pump. Just give us a call or email if you require any advice regarding whether or not you need a pump and which type would be most suitable.

Aluminium Shower Column

Only £265
1200 x 250 x 130 (mm)

Tempered Glass & Acrylic

Only £265
1200 x 360 x 130 (mm)